Trey’s career began in the 1980’s when he became an award-winning bodybuilder and appeared on television shows, featured in magazines, radio shows, newspaper articles, and numerous other publications.

It soon became apparent through public appearances that women in particular, wanted to know if they could use his formula for success in their own endeavors in life. This was a turning point for Trey professionally as he was inspired to create a model for achievement that would positively impact the lives of women.

In order to enhance his professional education in the science of peak performance, Trey would earn certifications in physiology, kinesiology, and numerous other health-related certifications. He also graduated from the University of Oklahoma with an emphasis in health/science and business management.

Through many years of intense research, Trey would design the most innovative exercise routine for women. He aptly named it the KEYS FITNESS PROGRAM because it contained the keys to unlock a women’s upmost potential in exercise. The program became an immediate success as he would help thousands of women achieve unprecedented results.  In a career that has spanned three decades, Trey has perfected the most time efficient/results oriented program of its kind for women of all ages.  In addition, he has authored several women’s books and is a dynamic speaker for women’s events across the country.

The Powerful Woman
Life-Changing Tools for Successful Living
(Space Coast, Florida event)


Trey is a women’s keynote speaker for Statewide and City Government conferences, International companies, Universities, Corporations, and Church organizations. His engaging delivery truly connects and inspires women to achieve the life of their dreams!

Each empowering event is customized for your organization with a transformational message filled with great humor and exciting stories.

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